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7 Reasons to Join the Chiropractor Tax Center Today:

1. Put Thousands in Your Bank Account Using Strategies Your Overworked Accountant Never Told You About

Inside you will find dozens of valuable deductions using tax strategies worth tens thousands of dollars, including:

Imagine relaxing at home, sipping your favorite drink, thinking about your business and reviewing the numbers - and getting paid tax free money to do this. Something you do over and over and over. Learn the secret to getting easy tax free money out of your business entity with this strategy your accountant has never told you about..

The sneaky 'alternative' employment arrangement that makes it simple for some to get thousands in even more tax free money. (One reader found $10,000 in extra deductions using this tip.)

How you can deduct almost anything. With new technology it can cost you virtually nothing to create unlimited profitable, deduction generating enterprises in addition to your main chiropractic business.

How to get paid just by having a post office box.

The simple strategy to hire your child to funnel out money tax free - without your child doing much work - at least not fun work.

The surprising loophole buried in an IRS regulation that allows cell phones for your family to be deducted.

Easy to follow, step by step guide to writing off your vacations.

How to prove you are in business and entitled to a boatload of deductions.

The little known sleight of hand where someone else does the work, you get paid, and it's tax free.

The insider trick major corporation lawyers use to reduce government fines or write them off completely.

How if you can count to 10 you could double your home office deductions. (It is so easy to save yourself thousands of dollars.)

Key steps to deduct start up costs before you even have a business.

How to write-off virtually unlimited business gifts, and holiday and birthday gifts. (Your friends will appreciate this one!)

Buying or selling a chiropractic business? Watch out for these tax rules associated with noncompetes. Avoid the lawsuit trap many accountants are unaware of which could effectively nullify a noncompete in a lawsuit.

Tax schemes to avoid so the IRS doesn't come calling.

Starting a chiropractic business? Be careful of this rule which could cause deductions to be made over 15 years instead of writing off all your costs right away.

Pay for Medical Expenses from an IRA and Avoid Early Withdrawal Penalties Useful for your own taxes, and also for helping your patients find a way to pay you if insurance does not cover all of your services.

Know the rules before selling your business and negotiating a price so you end up with the most money in your pocket.

* Plus Much, Much, More! You've never seen anything like this. The tax laws can work to your advantage.

2. Flexible Membership Answering Your Questions

Got a tax issue not addressed in the members area? Use the contact form to let us know.

Since we obviously cannot provide individual legal advice online here is how it works:

Do not personalize the issue and request advice for your situation. Make it a general question so that it can be researched by our staff with accounting and law degrees and if possible we will post an answer to the membership area for everyone to use.

The strategies are documented with links to IRS publications, statutes, regulations, cases, and other resources so you can read the law yourself or refer it to your tax professional.

This way your membership is dynamic and you can get the information you need. Some of the articles on this site were generated from a question someone like you raised.

3. Always Updated Online Material

The problem with some products is you buy the book and then content is updated for next year's edition. Then you have to buy it again to keep up to date.

That's a great scheme for the publisher, but we have a better idea.

Your online membership is continually updated. No need to wait until a new edition is published next year. All we have to do is edit a page, save it, and you're updated.

Sitting on the beach in Hawaii and want to double-check you're following the instructions for writing off your vacation?

No problem.

Access your membership from anywhere, at anytime, including from your smart phone.

4. Read the Testimonials ...

Read what others are saying about these strategies ...

... So Excited I stayed up to 3 AM making notes

"What an amazing site. I have gone through all your information, I actually was so excited that I stayed up to 3 AM making notes to send to my accountant. I documented what was there and on just one of your techniques my accountant said he will refile and save me $900 in taxes! Amazing info and the documentation is so clear, all I had to do was send over the information to my accountant and he said, "This is Great"

Look forward to implementing more. If you are a business owner, you would be crazy not to use it. $900 in one night!"


Joel W.

...It's worth every penny

" I have encountered no other product which can match yours in terms of practical, money-saving advice. Well done!"

"There is absolutely zero amount of fluff here. Everything you will read is bankable, money-in-your-wallet advice. If you do not save well over the cost of the membership you are doing something wrong...or not doing anything at all.

I found these strategies to be things I could implement immediately to boost my bottom line... If you own your own business I do not have to convince you that you need every break you can get.

[I]t's worth every penny you will pay. If you only subscribe to one membership site this year...or this DECADE... [this] is your best bet."

Scotty R.

...I am forever grateful for the information

" "I am forever grateful for the information I have received and continue to receive in running my own business. Don't wait to do this. This is your money; stop giving it to the IRS!"

Michelle M.

...increase my income by several thousand dollars

"I just wanted to say thank you for this terrific tip! This was a tax-saving strategy that I have never heard of, but it fits my business model perfectly! I figure this tip alone should increase my income by several thousand dollars for [the year]! Look forward to more of your money saving and business protecting strategies!"

Melody W.

...some serious, serious value

"This is some serious, serious value ....

Thanks! "

William S.

...some of us will pay less than others - and that's not cheating the system - it's being smart about knowing what the system offers.

" This is the kind of stuff I've gone to multiple CPAs saying "There must be something more I can do" to which I get nothing but "Well, we all have to pay taxes."

Maybe . . . but some of us will pay less than others - and that's not cheating the system - it's being smart about knowing what the system offers.

John B.

PS - I've just found another $10,000 deduction - I just have to do it ...

who wouldn't like some tax free money?

Nice work. Thank you."

John B.

...This membership is going to save me a fortune for years to come!

"This membership is going to save me a fortune for years to come!

I strongly recommend that EVERY [business owner] jump on this now before it's too late to claim your tax savings for this year."

Holly C. of the best decisions I have ever made

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to join this membership and I really believe it is one of the best decisions I have ever made ....

After reading this I will be able to save some nice money every year and it's because of something I have always done anyways, but had no clue I could actually get money for doing it.

I highly recommend this. Everything is written so clearly that anyone can do the steps. I am very excited about the new information that will be released in the future and I believe this is one of the best [offers] I have ever purchased.

This is real world tax information that you can take advantage of.

Very very impressed. Thanks."

Brent J.

...explained in plain English and easy to understand

"I was truly surprised. The loophole is clearly explained in plain English and easy to understand. More importantly, it is not some obscure tactic that only relates to internet marketers or some unusual occupation....

All in all, an interesting and worthwhile product which should save money for many people."

David J.

...Anyone who reads this can save lots of money

"I thought it was amazing. I did learn a lot about saving money on taxes, especially on having my own business! The articles were well written, straight to the point and very helpful. Anyone who reads this can save lots of money...."

Michael M

5. No Risk Guarantee

Membership comes with a no risk guarantee.

Check out the strategies. Talk to your accountant and ask why you were never told about tips like the Tax Free Money Method.

Take thirty days to go through this information, including the Tax Free Money Method, Doubling Your Home Office Deductions, Writing Off Vacations, Family Cell Phones, and More Expenses Than You Ever Believed Possible, plus much more.

And if you can't get at least a 10x return on your investment we'll refund your money.

Is your financial advisor secure enough in his or her recommendations to give you your money back if you don't make 10 times your investment? That's how confident we are the membership area has strategies and ideas you are not using today which are costing you a lot of money.

6. You Cannot Wait Until the End of the Year

This is important ...

Not every strategy can wait until the end of the year, or April when your accountant gets your records.

Sure, things like a membership obtained the during can then be tallied for a write-off.

But strategies like the Tax Free Money Method really need to be implemented now. That is because you are getting paid tax free money every month. It may be possible to get one big check at the end of the year for everything this strategy does during the year, but it's a risk.

Literally - 5 minutes after getting your membership some can be putting the tax free strategy to work. You need to do it now. Putting membership off, maybe even forgeting to register, will cost you money.

7. Lifetime Membership

Some tax strategists are now charging more than $1000 per hour.

Then if you need an update ... more hourly fees.

Some publications and memberships charge you monthly or yearly fees.

You won't get that here because our online delivery service eliminates virtually all of the overhead and costs. By spreading out the cost of obtaining the tax strategies across numerous members we can provide a real bargain.

Membership is just one, tax deductible lifetime investment.

It's a solid deal - just $495.

This is What You Need to do Next

Just click the Add to Cart button below to register online.

You can use any major credit or debit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Or you can use your PayPal account. Your security is protected by state of the art encryption systems that safely process millions of transactions each day.

You will have instant access to selecting your unique user ID and gaining access to the private membership area.

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Questions and Answers

Question: Can't I just rely on my CPA?

Answer: Has your accountant given you a strategy for making tax free money every month - and getting a business deduction that doesn't cost you anything? Case closed.

Fact is accountants are not tax strategists and they'll be the first to admit that. Reading the tax code and court rulings and developing strategies isn't how they spend their time. Accountants are already overwhelmed with tax returns, bookkeeping, audits, compliance, valuations, etc.

When you use a strategy like the Tax Free Money and give it to your accountant at tax time, they'll do a good job on your tax forms. But coming up with strategies like this to tell you to use in advance is not what most accountants do.

Question: I use TurboTax

Answer: TurboTax is decent tax form preparation software, but it is not tax strategy software, and TurboTax has admitted on its website numerous issues are omitted from its software.

For example, the Tax Free Money strategy is not in TurboTax. The four methods of calculating a home office deduction are not in TurboTax.

What you need to do is find out about these strategies and use them so you can then put the right numbers into TuboTax.

Click Here Now to Invest in Yourself. Be Smart About Your Money

Profitably Yours,

David Daygin
Membership Manager

P.S. Taxes are one of your biggest expenses. Possibly your largest money pit. Isn't it time the tax code started working for you?

P.P.S. New tax strategies are continually added for free to the private membership area. The value of your lifetime membership will continue to grow over time.

P.P.P.S. Remember, your membership is a tax deductible business expense. Get it. Write it off.

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No specific legal or tax advice is provided to you. Your particular situation, involving facts and issues unique to you is unknown and could affect any tax transaction or strategy.

No Covered Opinions or Legal Opinions are provided.

Nothing is intended or written to be used by you or anyone else, for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties.

Nothing is intended to promote, market, or recommend to you or anyone else, any investment or person or business for any tax-related matter.

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