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About The Chiropractor Tax Center

The Need for Easy to Follow Small Business Tax Strategies

Most chiropractors are small business owners, often overwhelmed with administrative and regulatory tasks in addition to providing patient care.

As a small business owner, chiropractors cannot afford to hire a fleet of tax attorneys to look out for their well being.

Accountants and CPAs may be good at bookkeeping and doing tax forms, but they are not tax strategists. That is not how they spend their time. Typically, an accountant or CPA has never read the complete tax code, but instead rely software and materials prepared by others which they subscribe to.

Attorney Prepared

All of our tax strategies were prepared by a retired tax attorney.

We are proud to present this information without you needing to spend exhorbitant amounts hiring your own attorney to develop these tax strategies.

Disclaimer: We are required to note that membership does not create an attorney-client relationship and no legal advice is provided.

Cost Advantages of Digital Information Delivery

By taking advantage of cost efficiencies provided by the Internet, we can provide these strategies to you at a tiny fraction of the cost it would take for you to hire your own tax strategist. The cost would be prohibitive to find and research all these strategies for just one chiropractor.

Through leveraging the digital delivery of information via the Internet we can pass significant savings to you.

Easy and Clear Step by Step Instructions

Our goal is to present the tax strategies in several formats:

First, an easy to understand summary of what you need to do.

Then, more in depth questions and answers. If you ever have a question about a strategy let us know so we can add your question and the answer to the members area.

Finally, full citations for members wanting to do more research or hand this off to their accountant.

Unique Strategies

Basic tax information can be found online or at the library. Some of it good, some of it not so great. All of it generic.

One of the important goals of the Chiropractor Tax Center is bringing you unique tax strategies you will not commonly find elsewhere.

For example, in the membership area is a discussion of the home office deduction. Not generically, but also:

- The four methods used to calculate the deduction so you can choose which one is best. Do you know four methods of calculating the deduction?

- A strategy you can use to get a home office deduction, even if you have a separate chiropractic office and thought this meant you could never take the home office deduction.

So while others are generically saying take a home office deduction, we are giving you little known strategic information to truly maximize the deduction.

That is what the Chiropractor Tax Center is about.

David Daygin
Membership Manager

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